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Welcome to, your source for renovation, decoration and gardening information in Canada. From the basement to the attic and from the back of the yard to the end of the driveway, we can help you spruce up your home to a personal paradise - a place where you can escape from work or school, and focus on what really matters: Family, friends, and fun. Or, if you're making changes under the advice of an estate agent in Canada, we can show you what's needed to sell current house for that dream home.

Inside the home, even a little bit of a change can make a big difference. Something as simple as replacing the old 70's bathroom sink into a modern glass vanity can make all the difference in the world! If the issue is size rather than style, maybe its time to make an addition and create some more room. From the little tweaks to the big transformations, we'll offer you excellent resources and suggestions for making the most of your money, and making sure you've got a pro on your side. Or, if you do a lot of work, we can help with managing your time. We can help with that!

Outside the home is a whole other realm of possibilities. Decks, gazebos, new fencing and the right furniture can spice up a yard and turn a plain lawn into a relaxing oasis. We've got tips on choosing the right combination of items for your yard, and on keeping it fresh and bright throughout the green seasons.

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